1. I need help the police took my relative in custody going on three days and none of them can tell us where he is or if he even is alive

  2. Hello I have a question and I am hoping that you can help me . How can a jamaican civilian seek protection from a police officer if they have a lawsuit against the police department in jamaica?

  3. Post office had my injector. My jeep. Can’t drive I sent clean injector
    Germany. Paid clean it. Now from feb hold on to my goods jeep can’t drive sent complaining still have no joy invoice is on the goods as there no fee 0.01euro. I need to be compromised I’m bk in U.K. good still there too packages. Jamaica slack breach terms

  4. To whom it may concerned.


    My name is Anjuline Green – Ellis

    And it has brought to my attention that my Aunty Perlene Moodie has agreed with our current leases to sell them my Grandfather plot of land through National housing trust. This should not be as the said plot of land situated at Victoria District, Linstead post office St. Catherine that belonged to my late Grandfather Franklin Brown does not belong to Mrs Perlene Brown- Moodie my Aunt, she has no legal right to the land and has seek a solicitor to make out a title in her name in order for sell this said plot of land.

    This plot of land was our grandfather dying wish for it NOT to be sold but to be devided between my self ANJULINE GREEN and my cousin SERENE MARSHALL as we were his two grandchildren that he grew.

    This was said in the present of his two witnesses Joanne Henry whos land is situated adjacent to the said plot of land and Mavis Brown Clayton my Grandfather sister who is now 90 years old and with a brain sharp as 16. Her and her husband the late Albert Clayton plot of land sits at the top from the said plot of land that belongs to our late Grandfather Franklin Brown.

    My Grand Aunt Mavis Brown-Clayton when to visit my grandfather after he lost one of his leg due to diabetis. On that said day I was living with him so I too was present. Franklin told them his wish for the land not to be sold but devided between his grand children. Mavis told him that he needed to make a will. She (Mavis) went and got the will form for him but before he could signed it he passed. After he died my Aunt went behind all her sibling back and made a fake will, willing everything for her self they were seven brothers and sisters.

    Namely: Delvin alfranso Brown, Esrine Brown, Perlene Brown- Moodie, Trevor Brown, Antony Brown, Darr Brown and Dapsey Brown.

    Our Grandfather and grandmother is buried on the said land Franklin Brown and his wife Asma Cole-Brown along with their two sons Trevor Brown and Anthony Brown.

    We the 35 Grand children and the other three remaining children plus our Grand Aunt Mavis Clayton and the community of victoria do not desire to sell this said plot of land.

    I urge jamaica National Land Agency not to issue no title to Mrs. Perlene Brown-Moodie in this land dispute we understand that she is relying on the fact that she has been paying the tax for the said plot of land but this is due to the fact that she refused to give us any imformation for us to help and pay. This is not her first time to administer on property, she did so already with our grandmothers land in Banbury, where she made a fake will excluding my grand mother Asma Cole and states that our Great grand father George Cole who died when she was about five years old willed the said plot of land to her now husband Reginald Moodie.

    the now person leising the land is getting credit from housing trust to purchase this said plot of land,

    Please desist from doing so this is not about the man intrested in the land but the land its self.

    We the grand children will not sit back and allow this to happen. Shes currently trying to get out a title in her name inorder to sell.

    We have the support from our other family members.
    Please do not issue any title until this dispute is settled.

    Am in the process of seeking legal advise.


    Anjuline Green-Ellis

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