Office of the Ombudsman
2nd Floor
Trident House
Lower Broad Street
Bridgetown, Barbados
T: 436-9162/436-8179
F: 426-4444

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  1. I received a call from a Mr Herbert at the Ministry of Education, seeking an affidavit to verify that I had taught at Coleridge & Parry 1962-63. Your office had forwarded such a document to that ministry several years ago, since the then Ombudsman had been a student of mine at said school, during that year. I would be grateful if your office could resend that document to the Ministry, since they are only now contemplating action in regard of my eligibility for a pension, despite my having continued unbroken service at SLBS, from Sept 1963 of the same year I taught you CP.
    C.L.C King

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